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Cyprus is home to some of the best universities in Europe. This wonderful Mediterranean country has become the go-to destination for many students and tourists from across the globe.

The schools in Cyprus rank among the top academic institutions in Europe which is why more and more international students are trooping here for higher quality tertiary education.

There are more than 120,000 university students from 135 different countries currently enrolled in major universities in Cyprus. For a quality education at affordable fees, Cyprus is the choice that thousands of students make every year.

International students’ tuition fees vary depending on both the degree type (e.g. Bachelor vs. Masters) and the subject. The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor (undergraduate) programs in averages under € 2,500 per year except Pharmacy and Medicine, which costs more.

The tuition fee of the postgraduate programs (Masters and PhD) is between € 2,000 and € 2,500 depending on the program of interest.

All International students receive a form of scholarship or the other. This is is one of the advantages of university education in Cyprus.

Scholarships are available for freshmen students from 25% to 100% of tuition and fees, and these are distributed based on academic merit, financial need or sportsmanship.

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