Students are provided with the necessary conditions for a successful and comfortable study, as well as help with accommodation. The accommodation system is designed in such a way that a place in a dormitory should be primarily given to newcomers and foreigners, but the “first come, first served” approach is still widely practiced.

Some students prefer to stay on-campus especially during first couple years of their studies in Cyprus. The benefits of staying on-campus goes beyond safety and easy access to lecture halls that are only minutes walk away; residence halls provide the perfect opportunity to meet friends from over sixty different cultures all around the world, easy access to many restaurants across the campus, some of which are open till early hours of the morning, and indoor and outdoor sport facilities, which are present in most of the Cyprus universities.

Many students wish to stay off-campus. For those who prefer to stay out of campus, many private dorms and rental flats are available in all major cities such as Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia and Morphou. Prices for rental flats and private dorms vary greatly depending on location and luxury of the place; however, overall, accommodation is quite affordable in Cyprus.

Residents can also conveniently participate in the activities of one or more of the many student clubs, have easy access to the library facilities of just have fun at the student centers. Travel will also be one less thing to worry about with regular shuttle services that are available in all Cyprus universities.

Price of Accommodation range from 100 EURO and above per month. This comes with furniture and all amenities. However, bear in mind that you might be required to pay about 1 or 2 months deposits in advance. Students can also share room and apartment and share the bills.


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