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Cyprus by sheer coincidence, is located at the merging point of three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Sharing borders with Greece and Turkey, Cyprus is a member of the European Union (EU). Joining the EU in 2004, it serves as the link from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Having emerged as one of the region’s leading business and financial centers, it enjoys competitive advantages in areas such as tourism, consultancy, shipping, telecommunications, banking, and insurance. Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Apart from the light rainy season between November and March, Cyprus is sunny most of the time.

Having a warm climate throughout the year, Cyprus has always been a world renowned Mediterranean island. The island has golden beaches that meet with its unique blue sea. Cyprus is not only a popular holiday spot for Turkey but also for many other countries all over the world. Being mentioned in the myths of ancient periods, the island has witnessed the birth of Aphrodite and managed to keep its charm until today.

Famed for its beautiful beaches, deluxe hotels and exceptional tourism services, Cyprus has invested its riches in a premium-quality European education system, with reasonably priced university tuition and lots of facilities and benefits. You will not have problems searching for excellent Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Cyprus that meet the standards of international universities.

With these great features, Cyprus is now a key player in the global education landscape. It appeals to academics and students the world over. Its socio-cultural variety appeals to those wishing to experience new cultures and helps to build harmony amongst different people from different backgrounds.

Though Cyprus can be classified as having a North and South political dispute, both North and South Cyprus provide great tertiary education to international students.

The north of the island is especially known for its universities. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offers great opportunities and advantages for foreign students to come to the country.

The beautiful sights and place to see and visit in the cities of Famagusta and Kyrenia in Cyprus are a hot spot for tourists and students from abroad. With a huge percentage of the population being students, Cyprus is now truly a great destination for studying abroad.

Cyprus spends more than 7% of its GDP on education, the third-highest share in the European Union after Denmark and Sweden.

Just like anywhere else, the educational system in Cyprus has its own peculiarities. Not surprisingly, the most popular specialties offered by universities in Cyprus are Hospitality Business and Tourism, although the list of all available programs is by no means limited to these ones. Although Cyprus is a member of the EU and the Bologna system, most schools and colleges are based on the American system of education, which gives students the opportunity to choose their academic load and vary their course. It has a positive impact both on students’ leisure time and tuition fee, as the fewer subjects you study, the less you pay.

At the same time, it is somewhat more complicated for the foreigners, since education for them is more expensive and, under the Cyprus immigration law, they are not allowed to work more hours than prescribed by the legislation. Nevertheless, the cost of education in Cyprus is accessible, and although it grows annually, this increase correlates to the inflation index. On average, tuition fees range between 2,000 and 8,000 EUR/year, or at around 314 EUR/module.

In educational institutions based on the more conservative European system, the curriculum and payments are fixed and all talented students (including foreigners) are eligible for a scholarship or reduction of fees.

In North Cyprus for instance, currently we have over 101,000 students studying at 16 Universities of which 14 are local and 2 are branches of Middle East Technical University in Ankara and Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul. 87% of our students are overseas students from more than 135 different countries, 55% are from Turkey and 13% are local Turkish Cypriot students. 

Considering that North Cyprus population is around 320,000, we have 1 higher education student out of 3 people walking on the streets of our island. Universities in North Cyprus and their programs are all recognized by the National Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Higher Education, Planning, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK). Students from Turkey are recruited to the programs in our Universities through the Central Placement Examination organized by the Higher Education Council (YOK) in Turkey. The placements are made to the programs which are accredited by YODAK and YOK after a thorough examination. Thus all of our programs and our Universities are accredited by YOK through the same process as the programs and the Universities in Turkey.

These are some of the reasons why you must consider Cyprus as a study destination.

  • Quality education at international standards in English.
  • Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Education in line with the American Credit System.
  • Qualified faculty members at international standards.
  • On-campus education with a wide range of facilities.
  • Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses.
  • Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.
  • Medical insurance, provided by the government of North Cyprus.
  • Transport, shops and entertainment are close at hand.
  • Accomodation on campus and arround the city.

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