How Safe is Cyprus?

How Safe is Cyprus?

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Cyprus is a Mediterranean island positioned south of Turkey, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, right after Sicily and Sardinia. Geographically, this island is in Asia though politically it belongs to Europe and is even a member of the EU.

This gorgeous island is most famous for its archeological findings, its turquoise beaches and beautiful coastal drives. Divided into a Turkish North and a Greek South, it is a place that invites many tourists to visit each year. There is about one million British nationals that visit Cyprus every year, and with this staggering number of tourists, it is no surprise that most visits go by smoothly and with no troubles, however one should be cautious since this country has some safety issues.

Warnings & Dangers in Cyprus


Cyprus is generally very safe to travel to, even though it is geographically close to countries hit by terrorism and wars. Petty crime does occur, especially during the holidays and summer.


Taxis and other types of transportation are normally safe in Cyprus, with reliable and modern vehicles. Taxi sharing is not permitted in Cyprus.


Pickpocketing and bag snatching have been reported and such cases occasionally happen, as do cases of valuables theft when left unattended or in plain sight in an unattended vehicle. Be cautious when handling money or other objects of importance.


Street crime rarely happens and even if it does, it is usually performed by unarmed criminals. Armed robbery is most common in the Turkish, northern part of the country, and is rare elsewhere.


Scams do happen, during the holidays and summer when the number of visitors increases, so double check your change and negotiate everything in advance.


When it comes to women traveling alone, if you follow the basic protocols of a lone traveler, male or female then your trip to Cyprus should go smoothly. Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings at all times.


Due to its small population, there are less crimes that take place in North Cyprus compared to more populated and metropolitan countries such as UK, USA, Australia or Malaysia. Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being a safe and friendly place. You can help us keep it that way. A few basic precautions can be enough to protect your belongings.

Crime against students and tourists is not common, but you should keep passports, money and other valuables in a safe place. As regards discrimination, there are no racism and discriminatory actions in North Cyprus; the Cypriots are quite warm and welcoming people to everyone regardles of their cultural, ethnic or religious background.

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