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Cyprus is a country in Europe with more than 120,000 university students from 135 different countries, including Nigeria, currently enrolled in their universities. .more

Cyprus has some of the best and most affordable universities in Europe, with 50-100% scholarship opportunities at both undergraduate & Postgraduate Levels. . .more

Cyprus has a reputation for good education and it is in the top three countries in Europe in terms of the amount of GDP it spends on education. . .more

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Why Study Abroad in Cyprus? [See The Reasons, Advantages & Benefits]

Compared to more popular Study Abroad Destinations arou

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Amazing Things you didn’t know about Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country with a rich history and cu

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Why Cyprus Should Be On Top of Your Study Abroad Shortlist

Well-known for its sunny beaches, luxurious hotels and

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Why Choose to Study in North or South Cyprus?

Beautiful Mediterranean climate. Study and work with al

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How Safe is Cyprus?

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island positioned south of Tu

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Some Basic Contacts & Information about Cyprus

Emergencies First Aid / Ambulance For all districts —

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Cost Of Education In Cyprus: A Rate For All Pockets

The Cypriot educational system has been identified to c

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To study in Cyprus can be your most exciting experience!

To study in Cyprus may be one of the most exciting exp

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